Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bersih 3.0, Are you In?

Last year's Bersih 2.0 I was there. I am glad that I have made the effort to be part of the movement that would bring positive changes to Malaysia. I was hit with tear gas, running to safety, cornered at Tung Shin Hospital and I am so proud as I witnessed with my very eyes that despite the choas created by the authorities, the people who were participated in the movement were totally civilised, non-confrontational, and helping each other in the time of need. A truly Malaysian moment. The memory of Bersih 2.0 is still vividly lingered in my mind.

As at now, we are extremly unhappy as the Electroral Reform that we asked for in 2.0 were not being taken seriously. The Election Committee has failed miserably in its job to ensure independent and neutral. The Head of EC has to be stepped down.

We need to level up our efforts and look, this time around, the voice of BERSIH is echoed in almost every corner of the earth.

Malaysians, let's join hand and stand up for our fundamental rights. Let's show them who is the boss. No more non-sense.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Shameless Move We All Must Reject

What the fcuk! Is this a joke to you? You don't use people's right to fight corruption to trade off for your vote. What did you take election for? Whatever name you call it. I call it bribery and I call it a pity. Such an underhand tactic that you resorted to now that you realise your days is numbered.

Fighting corruption is supposedly one of your main KPIs. Not a tool for you to get vote! This is just going to show that you are manipulative, deceptive, and good for nothing. People will reject your leadership!

You could have done great thing as a leader in your administration. If you have fight corruption with your power, your creditability could have been saved instead of your superficial 1Malaysia.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Reap What You Sow

Every adult has to be responsible for his own action. An adult has to be prudent and responsibly behaved in any given situation. More or so for someone who is building a political career for he / she would be regarded as public figure and subject to close scrutiny of the public at all times. What you say and how you behave would be judged by the public.

Several days now after the infomous irrational outcry, you would have though that Ms Tow Truck would have learned a lesson and become wiser and more tone down in her approach in facing her worse political criticsm but oh well, leopard never change its spots! Her subsequent statements which she attempted to clarify her shouting were even more illogic and caused her more harm than any good.

There are parties defending Ms Tow Truck for her emotional outburst at Lim Guan Eng during the debate last Saturday. Reason being that she had admitted to have confused audience with her statments, she was emotionlly overcharged, and that time was too short for her to deliver her questions clearly and she was still very green. Gees, whatever excuses that may be, the things that landed her on hot soup are thinking too highly of herself, forgot to be humble, and be relevant.

Yes, when you are thinking too highly of yourself, you refuse to see your mistake and come out with more lies or illogic arguments for the sake of saving your face. In the prosess of doing so, losing the respect and much needed maturity in the eyes of the public. In the worst case scenerio, you make people dislike you.

When you are humble, you would carry yourself in a reasonable manner. You tone would be less forceful and hostile. You won't let your emotion take control over you. You would be sympathy to the fact that Lim Guan Eng was there to take your question, not to subject himself to your shouting. You won't be influenced by your fellows who use the same rude approach. Most importantly, you won't rude which triggered public onslaught on you.

When you are relevant or want to be relevant, you would be more focused. You would be more prepared and well planned with the thing that you would like to do. Like, preparing your question and thoroughtly research its validity. Gees, the debate and its subject was announced like weeks before. If you want to use this platform wisely, don't you think you should prepare yourself in advance or even practice it. There was so much time in your hand.

As in this case, a simple apology for your rude behaviours and unbased statements made may have rescued you from being the target of ridicule and further embarassment. However, what we see now is your stubborness in pushing blame to MPPP and Lim Guan Eng for your flimsy excuses. Accept defeat with grace and maturity while you have time, the more you drill on, the loser you become and yes, you are digging your own graveyard.

I believe in pardoning one's mistake but only after all the parties that were hurt forgive her. They have every right to pursue wahtever action they deemed fit. So don't blame MPPP, Your are responsible for what you say and behave and be courageous in accepting the consequences.

Having said that, I do believe that dragging Ms Tow Truck's family and using vulgarities on her in any form and way is as low class as it gets. She proven stupidity does not justify for your childish retaliation.